Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

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Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

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 Центральное расположение Института иностранных языков Ибица позволяет нашим студентам испытать настоящую средиземноморскую жизнь на Ибице, начав день с погружениея в испанскую культуру: типичного испанского завтрака - кофе с молоком со сладкой выпечкой или аппетитного томатного тоста - в одном из многочисленных приятных баров и кафе или в порту всего в 3 минутах ходьбы от школы.
Для того чтобы найти нашу школу нужно обратить внимание на Авеню Игнасио Уоллис, которая является одной из главных улиц  Ibiza Town и ведет прямо к историческому центру - Дальт Вила logo-cervantes     logo-fedele     IALC


In our intensive course, you will join a small group with a maximum of 8 students, although the average is 2-6 students. The lessons take place from Monday to Friday. This course provides you with everything for a good learning progress without quitting you time for your leisure activities. There is still plenty of time to get to know the island of Ibiza and it’s people.

This is our most popular course. Learn general Spanish in Ibiza in 4 daily lessons and add an extra lessons a day with mainly cultural content. That way you will learn and improve your Spanish and you will get the opportunity to use what you have learned by speaking in real conversations with other students and teachers about current topics, arts, history, film, music and cross-cultural aspects such as ways of greeting.

This is our super intensive course for the most motivated students. If you want to progress very quickly, we recommend this type of course. You will learn general Spanish in 4 daily lessons and deepen and intensify this knowledge in two additional daily lessons about the Spanish culture and all of its facets. In total 30 lessons per week will allow you very intensive studies while still enjoying the beauty of our island and Ibiza Town.

The one-to-one classes in Spanish as a foreign language are your “tailor made” course. All the contents as well as the class times are adapted to the participant.

During the summer months from April to October it is always possible that your course will take place in the afternoon, depending on your level and the timetable of the corresponding group. The assignment into groups and the timetable will be determined by the Instituto de Idiomas. Nevertheless, we have also set up 3 fix starting dates per year for afternoon courses. These can be booked in advance and will be carried out definitely in the afternoon.

Our Spanish intensive courses in San Antonio give you the unique opportunity to achieve a good pace in your learning progress without compromising on the attractive leisure activities and landscapes of San Antonio. Come, learn and speak Spanish!!

Our junior programme for Spanish study holidays for teenagers from 14 to 18 years of age, is a great opportunity for a language holiday for teenagers in combination with a Spanish language experience. 20 Spanish lessons per week, residential accommodation in a 3 star hotel right at the beach and a great activity programme.


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